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    Written by experienced and knowledgeable practitioners and shared by One Voice, provides a platform on which to build a professional response for the unexpected.

  • How prepared are you to handle a crisis incident?

    Have you identified the risks associated with your core business? And does the company have a well-functioning system for reporting deviations and recording improvement suggestions? 

  • Crisis Management - CIM®

    CIM platform has been developed over 10 years and in close dialogue with our committed customers and partners. CIM is the most widely used solution for those who work with security and preparedness in Norway.


  • References

    Imagine that you are organizing a huge festival in which safety and security are the foremost priorities. How will you keep track of several thousand guests and hundreds of boats in a few hectic days? This, and the story of  the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue which has saved lives along Norway's long and perilous coastline for 125 years is some of the references you can read about.



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